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Business Meeting


We represent industry buyers, Private Equity groups and qualified entrepreneurs in targeted acquisitions of companies to facilitate growth. We attempt to identify opportunities not currently available to the open market. This fee based method optimizes the ability to acquire deals that more accurately meet each client's unique requirements in industry, geography, market share, revenue and profitability.

Acquisition Strategy Development:  We will work with you to develop your corporate growth strategy, with an emphasis on strategic acquisition opportunities. We will assist you in determining what types of companies might best fit into your acquisition plan. Top considerations for acquisition candidates will include the industry, location, size, condition and strategic fit. We will also assess and enhance your company’s financial readiness and financing options.

Identification of Prospects:  Once the basic search terms have been defined, we will assist you in finding companies that fit by performing extensive market research. With our extensive market knowledge and resources, we can identify potential targets not currently in the market, allowing our client buyers to pursue those business acquisition opportunities.

Review of Business:  Once a prospect is identified, mutual confidentiality documentation is executed and a full business review is obtained from the selling party. With detail provided on the prospective company, you are able to perform an extensive review of the opportunity at hand.

Structuring and Negotiating:  We will work with you through the deal structuring and negotiating phase; including entertaining early interest, reviewing the letter of intent, facilitating the buyer/seller due diligence phase, assisting in the preparation of the draft purchase & sale agreement and interfacing with legal consult during final negotiations and contracting.

Close:  Transfer of ownership is the final step in the business sale process; all legal documents have been signed, funds have been deposited and successful closure has been accomplished.

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