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Selling a business involves knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas including researching various industries, analyzing financial statements, business valuation, evaluating or creating commercial leases, marketing a business, vetting buyers, negotiations, managing due diligence, preparing contracts, compliance, structuring financing, managing processes and more. Our Advisors manage the entire process to accomplish a successful closing for all parties involved. This is done in a proprietary and professional way to ensure confidentiality and allows the business owner to focus on running their business, and to reduce the risk of business erosion during the sale process.

Preparation.  Business sale preparations begin with your decision to sell. Eric will help you develop your exit plan, assist in preparing proper documentation and collaborate efforts with other professionals, such as financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants.

Protect Your Confidentiality:  We know how important maintaining the confidential nature of your sale is to your business, its employees and suppliers. Your business’s identity is hidden and only the facts necessary to generate Buyer interest are presented on advertisements. Buyers must sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, provide a financial disclosure and Buyer Profile and interface with an associate before they can obtain your Business Profile.


Business Price Analysis:  BPA process requires a thorough examination of the company, as well as the industry, in order to determine a proper price range. Through the process we are able to determine how much a business could be valued and also identify potential market opportunities. When a professional valuation is needed, Eric works with leading business valuation experts in order to deliver unbiased valuations.

Research and Analysis:  Industry research and market analysis is an essential part of the business sale process. Eric thoroughly research each client’s industry - analyzing overall market performance, historical and projected growth rates, trends, competitors, geographic influences and mergers and acquisitions in order to best position the company for sale. Our market research also allows us to identify strategic growth opportunities to support the valuation.

Buyer Profiling:  We will perform a thorough search for potential buyers. With access to multiple databases of potential buyers, and professional relationships with business owners and investors, we are confident we can find the right buyer for your business.

Marketing:  We will develop and distribute unique marketing materials in order to attract interested buyers. Marketing is a crucial step toward building a comprehensive pool of potential buyers, which is why we fully dedicate ourselves to our marketing efforts.

Create A Professional CBR: The most important tool in positioning your company to sell for top dollar is the Confidential Business Review (CBR). Eric profiles include an executive summary, a description of marketing and operational processes, facilities information, a comprehensive financial overview, pictures, equipment lists and all of the information necessary for a Buyer to make an informed decision about a business

Structuring and Negotiating:  We will work with you through the deal structuring and negotiating phase; including entertaining early interest, reviewing the letter of intent, facilitating the buyer/seller due diligence phase, assisting in the review/approval of the purchase & sale agreement and interfacing with legal consult during final negotiations.

Close: Transfer of ownership is the final step in the business sale process; all legal documents have been signed, funds have been deposited in Seller’s account and successful ownership transfer has been accomplished.

Our Advisors understand that selling a business or buying a business can be a complex, intimidating and time-consuming process. We are committed to making this process a smooth, fair and successful experience for all parties involved. Contact one of our Advisors near you from the list of business brokerage and M&A offices for a complimentary consultation.

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